How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers wiping raindrops

Are you windshield wipers no longer effectively removing debris and rain from your windshield? It may be time to change wipers. Windshield wipers are designed to last six to twelve months, when over time, they wear out due to external elements like salt, ice, rain, snow and even extreme temperatures. While it’s not a huge emergency like a flat tire, it’s important to change out your wipers when they wear down so you can see clearly while driving on Oklahoma City roads when weather strikes. You’ll know it’s time to changes wipers with the following signs: 

  • Cracked Rubber
  • Separated Blades
  • Screeching Noise
  • Gaps in Windshield Clearing
  • Scratches to Windshield Glass
  • Loose chunks of blade

If any of those aforementioned things are happening, it’s time for a replacement! Don’t worry; it’s not too difficult. Learn how to change windshield wipers with Post Oak Toyota below! 



How to Clean Windshield Wipers

Sometimes, your wipers just need a good cleaning. Before changing the wipers, try to clean them first to see if that solves the problem. Simply pull your blade up and run your finger across the rubber. If you feel debris, dirt or anything else, wash it off and test your wipers. If you’re still experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, then schedule a service and we’ll change them for you. 

Cost to Get Your Windshield Wipers Replaced

It’s important to get your wipers replaced at Post Oak Toyota because we have the proper OEM parts to make sure that your wipers are perfect for your specific vehicle. Replacing wipers are inexpensive and so are the wipers themselves. You can check online for any parts specials that are available. If you’re wondering how to change windshield wipers by yourself in Edmond, the process is simple and time-effective: 

  1. Position your windshield wipers so they’re upright. 
  2. Pull them carefully away from the windshield. 
  3. Read the instructions on your windshield wiper’s packaging for how to remove them. You’ll either have to depress a tab to pull it off or slide it off with the wiper arm. 
  4. Discard the old wiper blades.
  5. Clean your windshield thoroughly to prevent dust and dirt from getting on your new windshield wipers. 
  6. Install the new windshield wipers by doing the reverse of steps two and three.
  7. Replace the blade on the other side.
  8. Carefully return your windshield wipers back in their regular position.

Replace Your Wipers at Post Oak Toyota! 

If you need your windshield wipers changed, look no further than Post Oak Toyota’s service department! They’ll make sure you can see Shawnee roads clearly, especially during inclement weather. 


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