Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Toyota key fob

If your Toyota key fob stops working, breaks, or gets inexplicably lost in your home around Edmond, you need to get back to your lifestyle with no more interruptions. With the team in the Post Oak Toyota service center, we’ll take a look at performing a Toyota key fob battery replacement, and what you can do when your Toyota key fob is broken or lost.



How to Perform a Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement

When you’re experiencing problems with your key fob, it’s often solved by replacing the Toyota key fob battery. The battery required for your key fob may vary depending on your Toyota model, so you need to open the key fob case first to see which battery you should buy. Key fobs for newer Toyota models can be opened by removing the hidden key and inserting it into the notch between each side of the case. Older model key fobs may need a thin object to separate the sides of the case where the notch is located. Then, perform your Toyota key fob battery replacement by following these steps:

  1. You can use your key (newer models), fingers, or a thin, yet strong, object to remove the side of the case at the indicated slot or notch.
  2. Once the case is open, the Toyota key fob battery is located under the circuit board.
  3. Be sure to remember how the battery is placed and take note of what type of battery is needed for replacement. Most Toyota key fobs take a CR2032 battery. These can easily be found in stores or online at affordable prices, depending on the brand and package size you purchase.
  4. Place the new battery similarly to how it was removed and reassemble the key fob case.
  5. Go to your vehicle and test that it is working as it should. If it doesn’t, you may need to readjust the battery to make sure the connections are clean. If your Toyota key fob battery replacement still doesn’t work, you may need to replace the key fob entirely.

Replacing a Broken Toyota Key Fob

There are many ways you can break your Toyota key fob and how you replace it varies depending on the damage. If the key itself is damaged, simply visit a Shawnee-area Toyota service center to have a new key cut, and you’ll continue using the same key fob. When you need a Toyota key fob replacement because the case is broken, but the electronics are functioning, you can replace the key fob case at an affordable price. However, this option depends on the availability of the case at your Toyota dealership. Finally, significant damage to your key fob through water exposure or other physical damage means you’ll need a complete Toyota key fob replacement.

Complete Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Whether you’ve damaged your key fob beyond repair or you’re unable to locate it, then you’re facing more costly replacement options around Norman. Typically, a Toyota key fob costs anywhere from $200 to $350. A full replacement can be costly because it requires a new key to be cut and the electronics need to be reprogrammed for your specific model. However, this cost can vary depending on the dealership, and if you’ve found any service/parts specials that apply.

Thankfully, the Post Oak Toyota parts center has many necessary parts in stock and even more parts available to order.

Replace Your Toyota Key Fob with Post Oak Toyota!

Now that you know how to replace your Toyota key fob battery, you’re ready to get back to your busy lifestyle around Norman. Learn other ways you can take care of your vehicle through our service tips and tricks. Then, contact us if you have any questions about troubleshooting and other DIY care tips.


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